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226 min.
Dances With Wolves

In 1865, union Lieutenant John Dunbar is to have his leg amputated due to wounds in a Civil War battle. Not having the courage to face his future, he attempts suicide and in doing so accidentally makes himself a hero. This not only wins him medical care sufficient to save his leg, he's also given his choice of posting. Wishing to see the Western frontier before it's overrun by the white man, he requests a posting to an isolated and deserted fort far out on the frontier. His thoughts about facing hostile animals and the more hostile Sioux are overcome by his curiosity and his willingness to accept and appreciate that, which is alien to him. His enthusiasm to meet, understand and befriend the very alien culture of the neighboring Sioux gradually grows. He must first overcome their distrust and each stage of his acceptance by the Sioux is shown and not overly glossed over. In particular, language problems are quite believably difficult and eventually overcome by another contrivance. Eventually, Dunbar is accepted into the Sioux society show us how the Sioux lived and thought.