30 April 2006
Kawaii celebrates it's 4-year anniversary today. This time only a minor update to the Jokes section, I've added a Batman joke there... so enjoy!
1 August 2005
Hi, finally another update. Sorry for not keeping the promise of updating every month, but I've been on holidays a few times and I've got myself yet another time consuming hobby, Badminton! I still plan to put the guestbook back online, hopefully later this summer or perhaps somewhere in autumn. This time I've removed a few dead links in the links section. I've also categorized the links, so they should be more clearly structured now.
28 March 2005
Yay, another update and it's only been a month ago since the last one, so I've just about kept my promise this time. I've managed to get the "calender"-section back online... finally. Also, there's a new wallpaper! It took me ages to find one as pretty as the ones already on my site, so check it out in the "gallery"-section and look for the one called Carnelian. It's available in two 'flavors' as usual.
1 February 2005
Hi, it's been a very long time since there were any updates on the site. Sumimasen! That was because I haven't had time for it. I really hope to update Kawaii on a monthly basis from now on though. This time no new content was added, I just wanted to inform you that the server troubles that we were experiencing have been solved now and that Kawaii should be up and running 24/7 again.
12 April 2004
Happy Easter everyone! The great thing about Easter is that we get a day off from work, so I found some time to update Kawaii. I've watched another anime the past month, and it's called Maburaho. You can find the new synopsis and review in the "anime"-section. Also, I've found a really great scan of "Sister Princess", but I don't know how and where I can use it on Kawaii... Maybe I'll even create a whole new section for it! I'll keep you updated...
4 March 2004
Small update this time... I've added a synopsis for the anime series called Full Metal Alchemist. Sounds a lot like if it's related to Full Metal Panic, but that's not the case at all. The series has a very nice story, and it's still ongoing, definitely worth checking out! Oh, another thing... I can't find any good wallpapers anymore on the net, so feel free to mail me your artwork if you think it's of the same quality as the wallpapers already on "Kawaii".
15 February 2004
Hello, time for another update on the day after Valentine's Day. I've added reviews of "Full Metal Panic", "Naruto", "Scrapped Princess", and "Vision Of Escaflowne". They're all great anime series, so if you like the stories please check them out! Oh, maybe you've noticed, but since I've reached the limit of reviews, I have to remove reviews with lesser ratings when adding new ones, because the current layout of "Kawaii" just doesn't allow any more reviews.
16 January 2004
Happy New Year everyone!! I know it's a bit late, but better late than never... Time for a quick update. I've added 3 new movie synopses to the "movies"-section which takes the total movie count to 45. As you might have noticed already, the "contest"-section still isn't online, but I promise it'll soon be, it just need a bit more tweaking here and there. I've seen a lot of great anime series in the meantime and I will add reviews of them for you, of course.
10 November 2003
At last... another update!! I've felt like making some changes for a long time, but I couldn't find the time nor the mood for it. I've added 3 more movie synopsis to the "movies"-section and they're really good, so check them out whenever you like. Also, I've been working on the long-promised "contests"-section for some time now and it's nearly finished, it just needs some finishing touches. I'll launch it around New Year's Eve, to add some dramatic feeling to it.
24 September 2003
Mega update today! I've added 10 new anime synopses and reviews to the "anime"-section and also 6 new movie synopses can be found in the "movies"-section. I need to review most of the movies still though, haven't found enough time for that, sorry. By the way, just to inform you about my upcoming activities... I'm busy with a new section of Kawaii. It's all about sports and you can compete against each other all over the world. More news will follow shortly.
31 August 2003
A new wallpaper from the great anime series "Kiddy Grade" has been added, so check it out now! I don't know if you've noticed it since you last visited Kawaii, but the background has changed. It used to static stars, but they're animated now, yay! Also, all the pages have been reduced in code, which means that the overall loading time of this site has improved by at least 10%. And, the calendar has been updated as well, you can easily spot what the current date is from now on.
2 August 2003
The polls have been updated... not that I've created a new poll, but some of the choices weren't popular at all, so I had to come up with some good replacements. Hopefully the polls have become a bit more interesting now. Also, a new wallpaper from the anime series Love Hina was added. By the way, I just finished the Japanese live action drama Great Teacher Onizuka this week and it was really cool, you should check this one out when you have the chance.
25 July 2003
I've added a new wallpaper from the anime series Chobits, check it out in my "gallery"-section. Nothing much else happening on my site though... There's a huge list of anime series I've seen in the past few months, but I guess I'm a bit lazy to write all of them reviews. Hopefully, I'll have them ready for you somewhere in early autumn. Good news for anime lovers by the way, Chibits is out and it's full of kawaii 'chibi' characters... I can't wait to see this sequel of Chobits myself.
9 July 2003
Another quick update... I've added some viewers' statistics to the "anime", "gallery", "jokes" and "movies"-section. You can see them in the status bar of your browser by hovering over the individual links. Oh yeah, there's also a brand new wallpaper from "Kiddy Grade". I haven't seen this anime-series yet, but I think I will be, after seeing the high quality of the artwork. By the way, I've replaced the link to "Mixed Media" with a link to another site called "Nanie's Webpage".
7 July 2003
Time for update... a lot of tiny little tweaks here and there. For instance, I changed the resolution text in the gallery, which looks much better now, and I rearranged the wallpapers somewhat. Furthermore, I changed my profile a bit and since I found my new must have supercar, the new Peugeot 206 RC, I've put up some new specs of it. Oh, just to let you know, the next update will include the statistics I promised a little while ago and maybe even some new anime reviews.
15 June 2003
Already another update you say, so soon? Really? Yeah, I don't know what has gotten into me lately. I guess it's because I've finally found another beautiful wallpaper and it would be a shame if I couldn't share it with y'all. Visit my gallery for the latest "Kiddy Grade" wallpaper. Oh, talking about updates... I'm going to add statistics everywhere on "Kawaii", it's just too bad that they're not 100% actual, because I've only been counting since last week, except for the gallery.
6 June 2003
A very small update today, it's almost insignificant, but I felt that I had to change something on my homepage which has been static for nearly two months now. What is it you ask? Well, I'll tell you, I've added icons to the guestbook that can be clicked on to e-mail the visitors of "Kawaii". Also, I've edited most of the sourcecode, which means that pages will load faster from now on. Oh, and I've decided to postpone launching my blog, instead I'll be updating the reviews shortly.
8 April 2003
Today, a few wallpapers were replaced by more beautiful ones. It's a pity that I couldn't find more of them in the last couple of months. Perhaps, you could e-mail me pretty wallpapers and I might put them in my gallery. Also, Kawaii has become very static, because I'm working nowadays. Future updates will probably include a weblog, but I haven't decided yet when this will be official, but you'll find out soon enough. Oh, and please keep sending your great ideas to me !!
3 March 2003
I decided to put up some more synopses and reviews in the "anime"- and "movies"-sections. The anime series and the movies were all very enjoyable and definitely worth watching. I've also removed a wallpaper in the "gallery"-section, because the quality was poor. It was replaced with a high-quality wallpaper of the superb anime series Rurouni Kenshin. Since there aren't much site-improvements coming to my mind lately, please e-mail me your great ideas.
17 February 2003
I've been really busy these days, but now there's finally another update. The "gallery"-section has been enlarged with seven new wallpapers. My site-statistics show that there's a lot of interest for Chobits-wallpapers, so that's why I've added some more of those. Also, you can see some cool, randomly generated quotes in the title bar from now on. If you know some interesting quotes, don't hesitate to e-mail them to me or to add an entry in my guestbook.
15 January 2003
Whoa, another new section again? YEAH !! It seems that I've got a lot of free time nowadays, because I've released a new section on Kawaii today. It's a special calendar, because it shows when my friends are having their birthdays. With this little helper around, I won't miss all the parties anymore. By the way, the current layout of Kawaii is lacking space for me to add newer sections, so don't hesitate to send me ideas about the layout.
9 January 2003
Another huge update today, I've released an entire new section onto Kawaii !! It features a lot of interesting polls which you can participate. For better results, everyone can only vote once, each time. I'll be adding some more when I come up with them or whenever someone mails them to me. I've also removed some dull wallpapers and replaced them with anime-related ones. Oh, and since the holidays are over, regular Hamtaro is back in tha houseā€¦
23 December 2002
Quick update just before the holidays, the websites in the "links"-section are centred on-screen when they're clicked upon and I've added seven wallpapers to the "gallery"-section. You can see how many times they've been viewed and the date of upload in the title bar of the pop-ups. Also, I put up Christmas Hamtaro (above). Isn't he cute waving that little bell and holding that sock? I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!
17 December 2002
The image of my nickname has been added to the "profile"-section. It says, on the card, that Nebuchadnezzar is a legend that can be summoned and I guess that makes me kind of legendary as well (muahaha). Furthermore, the pop-ups in the "gallery"-section have been re-modified. I've removed all the excess properties, centred them on-screen and you can close the wallpapers by left-clicking on them from now on.
29 November 2002
I've added a splash-page to my site and I hope you all like it. Furthermore, since the layout of Kawaii is restricted, I've added iframes to help me space the content out a bit. It was something I wanted to do all along, but I didn't think it was necessary and divs weren't helpful at all. All the reviews will be re-written, because they don't seem to be reflecting my personal opinions enough. I'm also going to add some spoilers, which will be my favorite scenes.
27 November 2002
Today, I've launched the long-awaited guestbook of Kawaii. Yay, thumbs up for myself. Hopefully, a lot of people will visit it and leave helpful comments and possible improvements of Kawaii. Also, there are now more movie-reviews (about 50% done) in the "movies"-section. I know I promised them earlier, but it's been really hard for me to review the movies which I've seen a long time ago.
11 November 2002
After some consideration about telling a bit more about myself, I decided to change the "profile"-section by making it much more personal. The enumeration I used before was really boring anyway. Also, I cleared up the "links"-section and suddenly there was so much space available that I'm giving extra credit to the websites that provided the cute images on Kawaii by linking back to them.
8 November 2002
Some more reviews of Kawaii have been made by webpage review sites. Many thanks for the helpful remarks by the reviewers. I've replaced the two lovely Liddo-kuns with two cute Hamtaro's. Also, descriptions of the links and space for awards Kawaii might receive in the future have been added to the "links"-section. Reviews for the "movies"-section have been delayed, sorry for the inconvenience.
5 October 2002
A few reviews about "Kawaii" have been made by several webpage review sites. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the reviewers for their time and comments. I've removed a few spelling errors here and there and I've added a new wallpaper from the anime "Chobits". Last but not least, the credits for the wallpapers are online and can be found by hovering the cursor over the thumbnails.
27 September 2002
The "updates"-section is up and running. I had a lot of ideas about the layout and one even featured a clickable calendar, but in the end I chose the easiest way out. I wanted to show all the updates at once, but then I had to use a <DIV> which isn't supported by all browsers. So, if you want to browse through all the updates, use the arrows next to "archive" below. Hope you like this layout!!
22 September 2002
Today, I changed the main font of "Kawaii" to Verdana. It used to be Comic Sans MS, but it wasn't quite as readable as the new one and in some browsers it looked a bit shabby sometimes. If you're using Windows XP (like I do), I recommend turning the option "ClearType" on, because all fonts will be smoothed more, giving every single program on your computer that uses fonts a prettier look.
11 September 2002
HUGE update today!! I've just released the second version of "Kawaii". This time, it's optimised for 800x600 resolution browsers, loads way faster than before and features my favorite color (blue). And also, the amount of stuff on "Kawaii" has gone through an explosive growth and thus it could take you hours to read everything on my website from now on, so don't tell me I didn't warn you (grins).
10 July 2002
I wasn't planning on updating "Kawaii" this soon, because I still have a lot of school-stuff to do before graduating next month. But today, I watched the animated movie called Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) and it affected me so much that I had to give credit to this masterpiece created by Ghibli Studios. Visit the "anime"-section to view the synopsis and my review of this wonderful anime.
13 June 2002
There haven't been a lot of updates lately, but there's a big one today. "Kawaii" has finally moved to a new web hosting company and has got a new domain (http://kawaii.nl). I got rid of the horrible long URL that I had to use in the past and therefore some people might have to change their bookmarks (sorry). The old domain is still active and will now automatically redirect everyone here.
25 May 2002
I've added the synopsis of a new anime series called "Chobits", which is going to be a huge sensation in Japan and overseas. The story takes place in the present and is about female-shaped personal computers, made in various proportions, which just look like normal human beings except for their huge ears. For more information about this anime series, check out the "anime"-section.
20 May 2002
I introduced a ranking system to the "anime" and "movies"-sections. The grades are based according to my personal likes and dislikes on originality of the story, acting by the characters and the supporting music. Also, more synopsis of my all-time favorite movies are available for you to read in the "movies"-section and some more new links have been added to the "links"-section.
5 May 2002
I've added a "jokes"-section. This operation was hell, since all the jokes were taken from pictures, which I made for my first homepage, and thus I had to type the jokes all over again by hand. But, it was definitely worth the trouble, because they're hilariously funny. I also resized and added a fading-effect to the thumbnails in the "gallery"-section and there are more links to great websites.
30 April 2002
At last, I have launched "Kawaii" on the Internet after spending roughly twelve hours of designing the entire site-layout. Because I've just finished watching the anime series called "Love Hina" and I very much liked it, I decided to use a lot of Love Hina stuff on "Kawaii". I also took all of the interesting stuff from my old homepage, modified them and placed them onto this new website.